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The Jallow Foundation, The Gambia, A Charity Set Up To Relieve Poverty, Help, Provide, Train, Educate, Provide Employment, Empower and Provide Essential Facilities and Equipment To Those In Need


All farming has to be done by hand, so even though land is available it is impossible to farm it all by hand. However if communities had up to-date farm equipment such as tractors, ploughs etc then they would be able to farm larger areas. This would then mean that they could grow more food, storing more to last through the year and selling some to provide an income. 


The aim of this project is to set up a Community Fund which will provide destitute families such as those referred to on our News page, with a monthly income which will enable them to purchase the basics such as rice and food. When a family only has one son he is responsible to provide an income for the family. If he dies any one he leaves behind, in this latest case elderly parents, one of whom is almost blind and a wife and children, are left with no income or means of support not even for food. In The Gambia there is no welfare system of any sort unlike in the UK and other countries, people starve. So PLEASE GIVE GENEROUSLY TO THIS FUND. Many people are dying young in The Gambia and your help is very badly needed.


One of the Charities Projects is to establish community gardens/orchards in villages. The rainy season does not provide sufficient crops/food for families to last them until the next rainy season and consequently people find it desperately difficult to find money to buy food to feed their families. One way to help provide year round food is for each village to establish a community garden and/or orchard.  


Another project, similar to the above, is to help individual families to establish their own 'Kitchen Garden' and/or Orchard. By providing the equipment, seeds and training families can grow vegetables and fruit and have food available to them year round instead of having to just rely on the rainy season harvest. 


Travelling anywhere in the Provinces is a major undertaking, roads are bad and transport, if you are lucky, consists of a donkey cart. This is how people who are ill and need to seek medical assistance/go to hospital have to travel, however ill they may be. Not surprisingly many people are unable to get to help when they need it and even going around their daily tasks is made extremely difficult. This particular project is to provide good, reliable mini-buses, equipped and adapted for people who are ill/disabled and which can therefore be used in an emergency. But which also can be used as transport by the local people, running regularly, transporting the elderly, the infirm/disabled, the young and those living long distances from any facilities as well as taking those expecting babies to the clinics. Not only will this provide a greatly needed facility for the community but it will also provide employment.     


In The Gambia schooling is not free, everything from school fees to uniform and books and pencils has to be paid for by the family. Can't afford the school fees one term then your child cannot got to school, cannot afford the uniform then your child cannot go to school. Without an education not only will there be a large number of illiterate children who grow up to be illiterate adults but their chance of employment and helping the family out of poverty is nil. For a small sum you can sponsor a child. This will include their school fees, uniform, exercise books and all that they need for school together with malaria jabs and medical aid should they become ill. For a child to be able to go to school and graduate can make all the difference to not only that child's life, but to the whole family. 


People in The Gambia want to work and provide for their families but apart from subsistence farming, in the provinces there is little opportunity for employment. Consequently at least one member of an extended family has to try and find work in the tourist areas and Banjul, but even there, there are many, many people all competing against each other for what little work there is. Even if successful in obtaining employment, the remuneration is tiny and totally insufficient to support a family on. However provide some-one with training and the necessary tools and they can set up a small business which will provide an income for the family. 


Provide some-one with training and the necessary tools and they will provide for themselves and their families. Don't provide training and that family can never lift itself out of the poverty trap. Carpentry, an electrician, good farming practice, a sewing machine and tailoring training and some-one is able to set themselves up with a small tailoring business. The list is endless and so are the opportunities to provide training to some-one and to see a family turn themselves around, not just for now, but for the future, with the person who has been trained passing on what they have learnt to others and the next generation. Expanding, investing and saving for a better future.  


At the present time for women expecting babies in the Provinces there is only, an inadequate, once a month basic mobile clinic provided. The instances of women losing babies in pregnancy or having still born births is high and many women have complications and are ill long after a birth. Prior and during the pregnancy and after the birth there is inadequate information for the women and their families and inadequate medical observation. Therefore it is proposed to establish regular anti-natal and postnatal classes and better medical provision and information.

Many people, a lot, often young and in their prime, die unexpectedly and within a very short space of time from first becoming ill. This is due to inadequate available medical facilities and knowledge, lack of money for ongoing medication and the long distance which has to be travelled to reach a hospital/clinic which in any event, are poorly equipped and maintained. Part of the medical assistance proposed is therefore to provide those who cannot afford to buy the essential medication that they need, with free medication.

Ultimately the BIG PROJECT is to provide in an area within reasonable reach of all those in the Jarra West District of The Gambia, a fully equipped and well staffed medical centre/cottage hospital, capable of providing all manner of health care under the one roof, including maternity, dentistry and optical facilities and with the ability and well qualified staff capable of carrying out operations and providing proper before and after care. This is a HUGE project and obtaining the necessary funding and the governments co-operation is just the beginning of a very long road. The end aim is to have a well equipped centre with top quality staff, some of which will be full-time/part-time whilst others will be volunteers on sabbatical and specialising in particular areas of medicine.    


In order to obtain normal daily supplies that families require, usually means a very long walk to the nearest town. This is hard enough for the fit and able in the heat or in the rainy season but impossible for the elderly, the disabled, the pregnant and the sick. A village shop where everyday necessities are obtainable such as rice, soap, candles, sugar, cooking oil and the such like would assist and increase the quality of life of so many people. 


Families usually live in one room which serves as a sitting room and bedroom for the whole family, therefore storage is non existent. For a family and/or a village to be able to store produce from a harvest rather than having to sell it straight away and having a place to store equipment and other items can substantially help that family/village. For one thing it can mean that grain, seeds and food can be stored and are available for a longer period of time after the harvest in the very short rainy season. This can help communities extend the period when food is available and enable seeds etc for the next sowing season to be safely kept so that they do not deteriorate. 


Water is a very precious commodity in The Gambia as in other very hot countries. Water sufficient for the whole families needs has to be obtained from a village well and carried sometimes, long distances back home. Often several visits have to be made. The pumps break down and then a village has no water if there is no money for the cost of the repairs. For a village to have a well close to the village which is working and /or a small bore hole/water pump in the village to use for a village garden/orchard etc is very precious. Imagine if you had no access to water!


In the provinces there is no electricity unless you live in a town. However the majority of people live in the outlying villages and have no access to electricity, instead having to use candles which are a hazard and easily knocked over. The only way to provide electricity therefore is to utilise the sun by way of solar panels. The provision of electricity has a huge effect on a community, with children, who are lucky enough to be able to go to school , being able to do their homework without straining their eyes. Can you imagine your life without access to electricity and how this would affect your day to day life? Imagine you are in hospital and the electricity fails, a solar suitcase can provide a backup sufficient to keep essential services running.  


When children are unable to go to school through lack of money, they are unable to obtain an education and therefore end up illiterate. As an adult this causes problems since it means that subsistence farming or the odd labouring job if available or no work at all are the only choices. To provide adults with adult literacy courses means that numerous opportunities are then made available to them including the ability to find work and support the family or even to set up their own small business if funding can be found. At the present time we are looking for funding in order to set up adult literacy courses in the District of Jarra West where we have almost 800 people from the various villages who have come forward wanting to do the course.


A soap making business is a way for women in a village to make soap not just to use themselves but more importantly to sell and make an income. It is relatively easy and cheap to set up and the women can sell the soap to other villagers/villages, at the markets and direct to shop keepers. Have a look in our on-line shop and please help people to help themselves.
In this day and age the need to know at least the basics in how to use of a computer is a necessity. This is why we are hoping to set up free Computer Literacy Courses. This in addition to our free Adult Literacy Courses will assist people in obtaining employment by providing them with essential additional skills.

You Can Also Now Make Donations By Text. 

Text 'JALL10' and the amount you want to donate, e.g £10, to 70070.

Easy As That! For More Information Please Watch The Video On The Links Page On This Website And/Or Go To Our Facebook Page.   

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The Jallow Foundation, The Gambia, A Charity Set Up To Relieve Poverty, Help, Provide, Train, Educate, Provide Employment, Empower and Provide Essential Facilities and Equipment To Those In Need

The Jallow Foundation, The Gambia, A Charity Set Up To Relieve Poverty, Help, Provide, Train, Educate, Provide Employment, Empower and Provide Essential Facilities and Equipment To Those In Need